Meet Debbie

Debbie loves technology and has always had a flair for working with advanced functions in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. She always added a creative touch to her work, with colourful tables she created in Word, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides. It wasn’t until she discovered screencasting that her creative flair and expression was unleashed to its full potential!

During her 20 years experience as an administrative professional in the health and public service sectors, also as a volunteer, then coordinator of a Victim Crisis Intervention Program, Debbie was always drawn to industries where she could use her skills to help others. In 2011, she started Biz E-Solutions, a virtual assistant business offering an assortment of administrative services.

Debbie achieved her Virtual Event Specialist certification in the Fall of 2011. It was during this course that she discovered her new-found passion for screencast video production. Debbie has taken several related courses such as Camtasia Training for VAs, PowerPoint for Camtasia, Video Marketing Specialist and was blessed with the opportunity to be chosen to participate in an 8-week internship with screencast video experts Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen of Learn Camtasia, where she gained practical experience editing and creating screencasts. This grew into an exciting business-changing decision and as a result, Screencast Solutions became the FIRST Canadian Virtual Assistant business in Canada to specialize in professional screencast video services exclusively in early 2012.

The creation of Biz Video Solutions in September 2016, realized a long-term goal to not only produce animated videos, but to offer an affordable solutions to small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to reap the benefits of video marketing.

For a more detailed history, please feel free to visit her LinkedIn page.

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